Is 40+ too late to start learning Salesforce?

Q: If I am above 40, can I learn Salesforce CRM and work with it and make some money working with this system? It is good way to start with it?

We live in a time of multiple careers and ongoing learning, so if you ever find yourself saying/writing “if I am above XX”, just slap yourself. Get out of that mindset.

 Right after you read this answer, go to Trailhead | The fun way to learn — Salesforce’s free learning site. I said FREE. Start learning today.

 I started at age 55 with only vague knowledge of Salesforce. I earned the Administrator certification in 2 months, Platform App Builder certification 1 month after that, and Developer certification 2 months after that. Within a year after that, I had build an app and was selling it on the Salesforce AppExchange.

 Age is no excuse. Start learning today.