3 Ways to Increase Your Salesforce ROI

We're all in the same boat: you make the investment in Salesforce, launch and train, and pretty soon things are running smoothly. Your reps get into the routine, you have your reports and dashboards, everybody's happy. Time passes and you fall into a comfortable marriage with Salesforce. Things are working well, your needs are being met, but every now and then, you start to wonder... are we getting the most out of this investment?

The answer is easy: NO. Here's why.

Salesforce is constantly evolving and improving, adding new capabilities that can dramatically affect your results. If you are using Salesforce to do what you set it up to do years ago, you're missing out on every enhancement that has happened since. But don't worry, we can fix that right now. Here are three pieces of low-hanging fruit on the ROI tree.

1. Migrate to Lightning Experience
Lightning Experience is the modern interface for Salesforce that improves user productivity, especially for sales and service reps. The interface looks and feels more modern and responsive, especially for mobile users. If you're an out-of-the-box kind of Salesforce user, chances are you haven't done a lot of customization, so migrating to Lightning Experience should be relatively quick and painless. Check out my previous blog post for more details on the process.

2. Implement Path for Marketing, Sales, and Service
One of the most useful Lightning features is Path, a tool that can be used with Cases, Leads, Campaigns, Contracts, Orders and Opportunities. You design the path your reps should follow, guiding their performance with on-screen coaching tips and improving the customer experience with decisive consistency. And don't worry, you can set up custom paths for different teams – success isn't a one-size-fits-all proposition.

The Path component provides guidance through a set process.

3. Process Automation
Process automation provides the back-end capability to empower your team's success. Salesforce has come a long way since Triggers. Of course, there's custom Apex to handle complex operations, but there is dramatic automation capability in the non-code tools as well. Process Builder helps you automate your business processes and gives you a graphical flowchart style representation as you build it.
Update records, send email, post to chatter, or invoke Apex from Process Builder.
And for even more complex automation that can execute logic, interact with the Salesforce database, call Apex classes, and collect data from users, create Visual Workflows ('flows') with another graphic interface.

Use Visual Workflows to create user input elements, such as a survey.
Now it's in your hands: are you ready to reignite the power that Salesforce can bring to your business? Maximize the return you're getting on your Salesforce investment, and start today. Contact me if you need help.